Cho Seong-gwon, “Gimpo Choking Defensive Lead”, “Thank you Coach Go Jung-woon… I’m greedy for the Asian Games”

“I don’t feel like I’m going to lose a run.”

Gimpo FC won 1-0 against Chungnam Asan in the 13th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 14th. As a result, Gimpo continued undefeated by recording 7 wins and 5 draws in 12 matches, and with 26 points, it beat Sangmu Kimcheon by 3 points and took the sole lead.

Gimpo gave way메이저사이트 to Chungnam-Asan’s active offensive, but did not give them a chance while boasting a suffocating defense. In the second half, Gimpo put Lee Seong-jae and Kim Jong-seok in, and in the 17th minute of the second half, in a counterattack situation, Lewis’ right-footed shot shook the net and took the lead. Afterwards, despite the one-sided attack by Chungnam-Asan, they boasted a solid defense and won 1-0.

This time, it was scoreless. Even though their scoring ability was somewhat low, Gimpo was able to run undefeated and lead the team based on their overwhelming defense. The three-back team consisting of Kim Min-ho, Kim Tae-han, and Cho Seong-kwon showed great performance. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition right. Born in 2001, Cho Seong-kwon graduated from Ulsan University as a center back and joined Gwangju FC this year and was immediately loaned to Gimpo.

He played steadily under the trust of coach Go Jeong-woon and played a big role as a solid 3-back member. In this game too, while actively defending, Chungnam-Asan attack was properly kept in check. Under Cho Seong-gwon’s performance, he succeeded in scoring no runs, and Gimpo won and took the lead over Kimcheon.

Cho Seong-kwon, whom I met at Mixt Zone, said, “It’s unfamiliar because I haven’t done many interviews. I’m not used to receiving attention like this.” It contrasted with showing a strong appearance during the game. At the same time, he revealed his will to live in Gimpo and participate in the Asian Games.

[Interview with Cho Seong-kwon]

  • Game impressions

The coach said he wanted to finish the first round robin undefeated. I thought it was a difficult game, but Chungnam-Asan did very well in the first half. We played a difficult game, but we didn’t concede, so we reacted differently in the second half and eventually won.

  • The secret to keeping no runs.

I talk a lot with (Kim) Taehan hyung and (Kim) Minho hyung. We do a lot of role sharing for various situations. I don’t feel like I’m going to concede if three people come out. (What kind of story do you usually talk about?) Out of the three, I tend to be aggressive. We stick together one-on-one, but I try not to lose. The hyungs cover it, so I do it in front of me with confidence.

  • The undefeated driving force

is much greater as a team than as an individual. Even if individuals are excellent, it is a sport in which 11 people fight as a team, so they must be united and earnest. This is the part the director emphasizes.

  • Coach Go Jeong-woon says that he is loud and gets angry during training.

It is the director’s way of expressing himself. He is a very passionate person and tries to teach me even more. He thinks that in order to rise high, he has to accept what the coach says.

  • What about the Asian Games?

I got greedy after entering this list. Wouldn’t it be possible to go to the Asian Games only if we consistently show good performances in the K-League? (What did director Go Jung-woon say?)Recently, as a joke, he said, “Are you going back to Gwangju?” (laughs). He brought me like this, gave me a lot of opportunities, and went to the national team, so I’m so grateful. He always told me to do well and come back.

  • This year, your debut season, did you think you would run this much?

I didn’t know I would keep running like this. I think I have to repay more because the director gave me too many opportunities. Originally, 20 games were the goal. It’s already 12 games. thank you so much

  • What do you need to grow more?

The speed of pressure and power is completely different from the professional stage than the college stage. They said they had to make judgments more quickly. I am learning a lot.

  • What are some of the most memorable words from director Go Jeong-woon?

You always say you believe in me I’m doing my best to repay that trust, but it’s still not enough. I will satisfy you more.

  • How far do you think Gimpo will go?

The director says that now is like a sand castle. He says that if he slips by one game, he could end up losing a losing streak. What the players are talking about is that the playoffs are going to happen. I didn’t tell the director because I thought it would sound arrogant. I think it’s possible enough. We didn’t give up too much and created an atmosphere where we could win no matter what.

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