“Celtic raises conditions for Oh Hyun-kyu and resumes recruitment” Local media

 Celtic has been actively seeking to recruit Oh Hyeon-kyu (Suwon Samsung). 

The Scottish Daily Express reported on the 17th (Korean time) the current status of Celtic’s winter transfer market and reported that Oh Hyun-gyu has emerged as a scouting option again. 

The media said, “Celtic is looking for a replacement for Greek national striker Giorgios Yakumakis, who is preparing to leave for Urawa Reds (Japan) or Atlanta United (USA).” “Celtic is maintaining interest in Oh Hyun-kyu. ” reported. 

Celtic showed interest in Oh Hyun-kyu in December last year. At the end of December, Celtic made an offer to Suwon to sign Oh Hyun-gyu completely, and the transfer fee was reported to be 2 million euros (2.7 billion won).  카지노사이트

At the time, an official from Suwon said, “I made a recruitment offer through an agent before the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and it is true that the offer came even after the World Cup was over.” It is a situation where I want to play more as a main axis.”

However, contrary to Suwon’s thoughts, Oh Hyun-kyu also expressed his will to advance overseas. He said at the 2022 K-League photo exhibition event at the end of last year, “The reported information is true. It is not common to receive offers from European clubs like this, and Celtic, a prestigious club, gave me a good offer, so I have a strong desire to take this opportunity.” said.

Following ” It’s a little bit difficult to say in a place like this, but when I heard that the club had made an offer, I said that I wanted to go. We are waiting for a statement from the club on the proposal.”

The Scottish Daily Express introduced, “Oh Hyun-kyu is not a traditional striker. He exploded the score at the end of last season with a style of moving wide to the side and jumping into the center to score.”

Meanwhile, Glagsaw World explained, “Celtic offered a higher transfer fee for Oh Hyun-kyu. They are showing active interest.

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