“Be bold when doing it” Shim Jae-hak’s theory… Worst KIA catcher, should I withdraw from the trade market ‘for now’?

KIA, which had dismissed former general manager Jang Jeong-seok due to an unfortunate incident, officially announced the appointment of new general manager Shim Jae-hak on the 8th after more than a month of searching for a successor.

In the meantime먹튀검증, the front organization has been doing its best in various fields, but the sense of weight is different between having and not having a manager who is the head. In that respect, the appointment of Director Shim deserves to be a signal for the normalization of the front organization and re-promotion of pending issues. That’s why it’s the trade that draws attention. It is possible to trade without a general manager, but it is true that it was burdensome.

Leader Shim still prioritizes understanding the squad and front desk duties. I have experience playing for KIA, and I kept tracking KIA when I was a commentator, but seeing it from the outside and seeing it from the inside are different. Shim also said that he would adjust the direction while permeating the organization. I am cautious about trading. I will do it if necessary, but I think I will give the existing players a chance and motivation first.

Currently, the most needed force in KIA is the catcher. He was recruited by trade last year, but the void of Park Dong-won (LG), who left the team after half a year after receiving qualification as a free agent (FA), is appearing as expected. Han Seung-taek, who has been active as the team’s catcher, and Joo Hyo-sang, who was recruited in a trade with Kiwoom last year, are leading the season with two catchers, but it is evaluated that the limits are clearly visible in the beginning.

Basically, the attack indicators aren’t too good. Han Seung-taek has a batting average of 0.149 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.443 in 21 games until the 9th. The problem of Joo Hyo-sang is even more serious. He has a batting average of just 0.069 (2-for-29) in 16 games. Both hits were singles. The OPS is 0.198, which is embarrassing to mention. That doesn’t mean the two players are rated top of the league on defense.

However, general manager Shim expressed his intention to trust his existing players. In a meeting with reporters on the 9th, general manager Shim said, “In the current situation, one of the most curious things is the obvious story (the catcher trade), but I would rather believe in our players. Could it be a little better?” he said cautiously. Expectations for growth can also be read in the words “catchers in their 20s”.

He doesn’t seem to have any intention of pursuing a trade right away. In fact, the catcher trade now is an unconditional ‘B’ situation for KIA. Anyone can see that KIA is more urgent. The more you do, the bigger the card you put out.

Especially during the season. On the other hand, teams with ample catchers are also not good enough. There is no team that will give a starting catcher, and even if it does, the opposite effect will be bigger. The most ideal scenario is for Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang to develop while competing with each other, filling in the urgent first and then seeing the next situation.

However, if the sluggishness of the two players continues, KIA, which must aim for the top 5 or higher, has no choice but to think differently. You have to trade or get outside in some way. Director Shim did not specify how long the ‘time of faith’ would last. In the end, it is up to the two players to create and extend that time.

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