Barca’s ‘shocking’ transfer plan… ‘If Messi comes, Messi’s successor, get out!’

 It has been revealed that Barcelona are planning a ‘shocking’ transfer.

It is a plan to send Ansu Fati, 크크크벳a 20-year-old striker who is considered the successor of Lionel Messi, who is called the future of Barcelona. Even more shocking is that Partey is planning a transfer even though he wants to stay at Barcelona. For what reason?

Spain’s ‘As’ said, “Even though Party, who has been designated as Messi’s heir to the throne, has no intention of leaving Barcelona, ​​Barcelona are trying to sell the party. Because the club’s financial situation is not good, selling the party can get a lot of cash. It is a very attractive transfer from a personal point of view.”

Partey is receiving attention from Manchester United in the English Premier League.

There is another important reason to have a party. It is the return of the ‘king’ Messi. Messi is expected to leave without renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and his most influential team is Barcelona. Currently Barcelona’s number 10 is the party. If Messi comes back, there is a high possibility that this back number should also be returned to Messi.

The media said, “If Messi returns to Barcelona, ​​the position of the party may be further reduced. The party will have to hand over number 10 to Messi. Also, the relationship between Messi and the party has deteriorated. The party is Messi’s younger brother. The relationship between the two players developed when Rodrigo Messi was not accepted as an agent.”

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