At 40, he’s in his prime… The ‘Human Victory’ icon is a must-have.

At the age of 40, she’s in her prime. She’s slowing down, but she’s not falling apart. This is Noh Kyung-eun, a veteran pitcher who has been performing at her best for the SSG Landers for two years now.

Noh picked up a save against the Incheon Samsung Lions on April 24. She gave up a tying solo home run to Kang Min-ho in the first inning, but she didn’t falter. She calmly retired the next three batters. After retiring Kang with a swinging strikeout, he got Kim Tae-gun to ground out to shortstop and Lee Jae-hyun to fly out to left field. The SSG bats came up with a six-run “big inning” in the bottom of the seventh to make the final score 13-10, and Noh was able to pick up the save.메이저놀이터

Noh already has six wins out of the bullpen. She leads the league with 16 saves on the season. She is ahead of KT Wiz’s core bullpen Park Young-hyun (13 holds) and LG Twins’ Jung Woo-young (11 holds), the reigning hold king. She broke the record for most holds in a season since her professional debut. The previous record was seven, set in 2012 and 2022. This year, she’s already more than doubled that.

As such, Noh is an indispensable part of SSG’s bullpen right now. His career, as he is known, has had many twists and turns. After a virtually unsuccessful final season with the Lotte Giants, he was on the verge of retiring from the game, but was given a chance with SSG.

But last year, in his first season with SSG, Noh turned things around with his best performance since his debut. After serving as a substitute starter at the beginning of the season, she became a must-win player from the midway point onwards. Kim Won-hyung has established himself as one of the most reliable bullpen arms in the game, and it was no fluke that he won 12 games last year. At nearly 40 years old, he’s in his prime.

This year, Noh is showing that last year’s performance was not a one-off. Because she is often in close games, some days she gets hits, some days she gets runs, but she never falters. He is the most experienced pitcher and the core of the pitching staff, showing the greatest strength in front of closer Seo Jin-yong.

His sincere training attitude and demeanor are an inspiration to the juniors in the pitching staff. Coach Kim Won-hyung says, “There’s nothing more to say,” when talking about Noh Kyung-eun. Confidence that even a player who has been through the wringer can do it. Noh is an icon of human triumph.

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