Ansan recruits Kim Do-yoon, Jung Ji-yong, and Lee Seung-min, who have accumulated experience in the K3 League

(Best Eleven)

Ansan Greeners announced in a press release on the 25th that they had recruited strikers Kim Do-yoon and Jung Ji-yong and defender Lee Seung-min, who gained a lot of experience from playing as key players in the K3 League.

Kim Do-yoon, who made his debut at Bucheon FC 1995 in 2017, scored a lot of goals for the Paju Citizen Soccer Team (K3 League) in 2022, setting the team’s undefeated record of 16 matches and leading the league runner-up. Based on a solid physique of 175cm·62kg, screen play is a strong point, and it is evaluated as a player who manages smart games.

Jeong Ji-yong graduated from Suwon Technical High School and Dongguk University. In 2018, he scored 4 goals in 5 games in the 4th U-League Seoul, Incheon, Jeju and Gyeonggi 4 regions, and his excellent goal decision and scoring ability attracted attention from his first year of college. He joined Gangwon FC in 2019 and steadily increased his chances to participate until the following year, and in 2021, he played 17 league games for the Gangwon B team, scoring 4 points and scoring 1 assist. He was loaned to Hwaseong FC (K3 League) in 2022 and played an active role as a main player, proving his worth by entering the best 11 of the K3 League. 카지노사이트

His main power is fast and he is good at breaking through one-on-one, so he has an excellent ability to create chances in the box. The team expects to help score goals.

Lee Seung-mi was from Poongsaeng Middle School and Poongsaeng High School. When he was in school, he left a strong impression by playing as the team’s ace, and in 2015 he joined Seongnam FC. The following year, he joined the Busan Transportation Corporation soccer team. After that, he changed his position and played as a main member, playing 78 games in 4 seasons as a side defender. Lee Seung-min is a player who boasts fast-paced dribbling, reckless breaking through the side, and fighting spirit, and is attracting attention as a great addition to Ansan’s defense.

Kim Do-yoon said, “I feel excited and honored to join Ansan. I will work hard so that I can quickly adapt to the team and show a good image.”

Jung Ji-yong said, “I am happy to join Ansan. I will do my best to show a good image to the fans who support the team, so please support me.”

Lee Seung-min expressed his aspirations, saying, “I am so grateful to be on a professional team called Ansan after 8 years, and I will work hard as much as the opportunity came.

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