An international marathon event with the usual appearance in 4 years.

The 2023 Daegu International Marathon  was held on 먹튀검증April 2 with world-class athletes  participating. It was not held normally due to the Corona 19 epidemic, but  it was held again in the previous form after 4 years. In the elite category,  Ethiopian athletes won both men’s and women’s categories. Reporter Kwon Yoon-soo has been there. ◀Reporter▶ As soon as the starting signal goes off,  marathon runners rush forward vigorously. With the spring weather perfect,  the Daegu International Marathon  was held normally for the first time in four years. This time, it was upgraded to a gold label and  welcomed world-class athletes and marathon enthusiasts from home and abroad  . In the elite category, 180  people, including 50 people from 15 countries and 130 people from Korea, competed  . In the men’s elite division, after a fierce race,  Ethiopia’s Milkisa Mungsha Tolosa  reached the top with a time of 2:06:49. ◀Milkisa Mungsha Tolosa  Ethiopia (1st place overall)▶ “This is the first time I participated in Daegu, and this is the 2nd championship in his life, and I am very happy to win this time.”

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