“Already the best pitcher in the world” Japanese monster pitcher who has conquered the league, is it natural to advance to the ML? U.S. experts also praised it

 Chiba Lotte Marines Sasaki Loki (22) is receiving praise from domestic and foreign media. 

Sasaki is a special ace who throws a fastball that reaches a maximum speed of 165 km/h. He is now a young pitcher who is in his third year of debut in the first team, but in Japan he is already considered the best ace in the league. He achieved the youngest perfect game in Japanese professional baseball last season, and this season he is showing overwhelming results with 3 wins in 5 games (32 innings) and an average ERA of 0.84. 

Thanks to 스포츠토토 his outstanding performance, Sasaki was named in the MVP Pacific League pitcher category for April on the 11th. Japanese media The Answer said, “Sasaki, who won the MVP award in April, pitched in four games during that period and recorded 3 wins, an undefeated ERA of 1.00 and 38 strikeouts. Also in May, in his first appearance, he pitched a scoreless pitch against Softbank in 5 innings with no hits, 12 strikeouts and 1 walk. The United States is also showing keen interest in Sasaki’s performance.” 

Ben Verlander, a commentator for American media FOX sports and younger brother of Mets ace Justin Verlander, said in his podcast broadcast, “Many people would have known about Sasaki during the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He started two games and made his name known,” he introduced Sasaki. 

“I want to update how dominant Sasaki is in Japan this season,” said Verlander. “Sasaki’s fastball average velocity is 99 mph. The ‘average velocity’ is 99 mph. He pitched in 5 games this season, won 3 games without loss and has an earned run average of 0.84. In 32 innings pitched, he struck out 50 batters. And he gave up 13 hits, 5 walks and 3 runs.” 

Verlander, who highly praised Sasaki, said, “Sasaki throws fastballs and splitters, and there is nothing lacking. He has everything right, even his pitching. He became one of the best pitchers in the world at a young age. He is the best pitcher in Japanese professional baseball as well as in the major leagues. He said, “I hope you will continue to pay attention to him.” 

Sasaki, who has already risen to the ranks of the best aces in Japanese professional baseball, is already looking forward to advancing to the major leagues. Fans are very interested in what kind of career Sasaki will build in the future.

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