Al-Nasr looking at Zidane and Mourinho, will he get along with Ronaldo?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) meet Jose Mourinho or Zinedine Zidane in Saudi Arabia? Al-Nasr is promoting the recruitment of a master general, drawing attention.

CBS Sports reported on the 15th (Korean time) that Al-Nasr, who sacked coach Rudy Garcia, is putting Mourinho and Zidane as candidates for the next coaching position.

Al Nasr sought to win the Saudi Arabia Pro League by signing Ronaldo, 메이저놀이터who had been ‘sacked’ from Manchester United. They are in 2nd place with 8 games left in the league.

However, Al Nasr was not satisfied and eventually sacked Garcia. Next week’s rivalry with Al Hilal will be held under the care of Dinko Jelich, who leads the under-19 team, as interim manager.

Here, Al-Nasr is looking at a more outstanding director using his wealth. He is eyeing leaders who have already won the Champions League of the European Football Association (UEFA), and among them are coaches Mourinho and Zidane. Coach Mourinho is still leading AS Roma, but Zidane has no team.

If either Zidane or Mourinho becomes Al-Nasr’s next manager, he will team up with Ronaldo again after Real Madrid. To that extent, Al-Nasr also creates the conditions to go to a higher place. Attention is focusing on whether Al-Nasr will be able to create Saudi Arabia’s ‘Real Madrid’ by bringing in a European captain following Ronaldo.

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