A Legendary Year: Kim Chin Wook, FIFA’s Toughest Threat to Crush the Singapore League

How many players are there in the world? The famous game like FIFA dares to give full 99 stats for either category. which affects playing to gain an advantage into the cheating stage Especially as a player who trades on the Asian side. You can almost brush it off.

But for Kim Shin Wook, the South Korean star kicker In FIFA 14, this striker has a full 99 stats in the strength category, both in the strength and stamina categories. “Ibrahimovic of Korea”, which extends to the meta (latent power exceeds actual power) on online platforms like FIFA ONLINE 3 as well

The career path of the shooting star Dan Ginseng who dared to risk moving out to play in the S. League Singapore with the club슬롯사이트, creating a dreadful phenomenon throughout the industry Why was he able to achieve such success? What has his career been like in the past? Find out with the Think Curve – think side curves.

Giants of the K-League
Kim Shin Wook started playing football in high school with Gwacheon High School and went on to university with Chung-Ang University. But what is surprising is his playing position. who debuted as a central defender that can be pushed up to be defensive midfielder can be scrubbed

A standout player, Ulsan Hyundai, a top club in the South Korean K-League, brought him to the team in 2009, where manager Kim Ho-gon saw the benefit of his stature and almost two-meter stature. Strength in playing the ball in the air Therefore dare to risk adjusting the position to stand as goal striker Serves as a finisher in front of the door along with advice on how to play in a new way

Although Shin Wook was moved to an unfamiliar playing position. But ending the first year with nine goals scored in all competitions is not a bad start. Which later in 2010 increased the shooting record to 11 goals, while the next year the machine fired up to 19 goals until the rumors began in the era of the booming Russian financial league with clubs like Anshi Makhachkala and Rubin Kazan

His footsteps had clearly improved. under the guidance of Kim Ho-Kon, a meritorious couple trainer Which was rewarded with the K-League trophy in 2011, followed by the AFC Champions League in 2012, with Shin-Wook exploding in form, hitting 22 goals in all competitions, reaching 20 goals for the first time in his career.

“Shin Wook is a striker who has proven himself to be a top scorer. By playing in a highly competitive league He is a player who will bring his hunger for victory and his experience on the pitch to help the team immensely in the big games,” explained Ulsan’s former coach, Kim Do Hoon.

From such a hot form, Nottingham Forest, a former giant from England. Show interest in pulling this shooting star to strengthen the front line. But the players chose to reject the offer. because he wanted to stay and help the trainer who raised him up The conclusion ended up being no different from rejecting the opportunity to play in Russia.

In 2013, Shin-wook unfortunately missed out on winning the league’s top scorer award. Because league rules are awarded to players who score the same number of goals. But there are fewer games played which he was elected as The League’s Most Valuable Player, Adidas All-In Fantastic Player and Best Eleven Striker came to comfort the three titles.

and with a very hot form Guaranteed by a landslide goal scoring record Therefore, it is not surprising that the game FIFA 14 gives power in the category of full body strength 99, both Strength and Stamina until gamers nicknamed “Ibrahimovic of Korea”, which extends to the meta (latent power exceeds actual power) on online platforms like FIFA ONLINE 3 in the future

But his awesomeness didn’t stop there.

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