‘3 Billion+α Evaporation’ Why do Director Son Hyuk and the front desk hide behind Subero hard?

Whether hardship is right or wrong is a secondary issue. The key is why general manager Sohn Hyuk and the front desk ignore the fault and hide without taking responsibility.

The Hanwha Eagles said in a press release on the 11th, “We have appointed Futures coach Choi Won-ho as the 13th manager of the club. We have terminated the contract with manager Carlos Subero, who led the team from the beginning.”

There is a debate 메이저사이트 over whether coach Subero deserved to be sacked. This is because there is a difference of opinion on the question of whether he showed the expected appearance only this season. He can understand the opinions of both sides, ‘he should have been hard’ and ‘he should have seen it by this season. Therefore, there can be a robust debate about the legitimacy of rigidity.

However, it is full of faces that are difficult to understand since it was hard at the time. It is difficult to understand why the resignation took place at the time of the recent rebound with 5 wins and 1 loss, rather than in April when the team was sluggish and poorly managed. And more important than that is why general manager Sohn Hyuk and the front desk, who made a mistake, are hiding behind coach Subero’s hardship without taking responsibility.

The last two seasons, before coach Subero started this season, were a period of rebuilding for a leap forward. This is because it was impossible to change a collapsed team in a short period of time. So, the staff, including the director, and the front desk, including the general manager, all focused on this. Coach Subero worked hard, managing the shoulders of young pitchers by adjusting the number of pitches and actively encouraging young hitters to play.

Former manager Carlos Subero was sacked from the Hanwha Eagles. Photo┃Newsis

However, in the case of this season, the personality was different. In the last year of his contract, coach Subero and staff also had a desire to release the strength they had been gathering for two years. So were the fronts. It was for this purpose that Director Hyuk Sohn took office last year. The Hanwha Group also took action by investing 9 billion won in recruiting Chae Eun-seong.

There are various ways to improve performance, such as nurturing promising players, strengthening power through trade, and discovering gems in the rookie draft. However, the most powerful method and shortcut is to select foreign players well. If the composition of foreign players consisting of two pitchers and one hitter is well done, the season will change.

The reason why it is important to select foreign players well is that the players themselves are important, but they also play a role in easing the burden on the team. Whether or not a foreign pitcher plays well in the starting rotation has a huge impact on the team’s pitching staff that season. Whether or not a foreign hitter has an umbrella effect has a huge impact on the team’s fielding team.

That is why it is said that the selection of foreign players determines one year of farming. Hanwha has previously had a team excited by Jared Hoying’s performance, and he knows the effect better than any other team.

The decision maker for this important foreign player selection is the ‘team leader’. Of course, we also listen to the opinions of scouts and coaching staff. However, since the selection decision maker is the general manager, the responsibility for that decision also lies with the general manager.

Hanwha’s foreign selection this season was close to the worst. Aside from Pena, who had renewed his contract after the previous season and was recording average results, the selection of newly selected pitcher Birch Smith and batter Brian O’Grady was the worst.

Smith packed after playing just one opener game and claiming questionable soreness. O’Grady’s performance is embarrassing to be called a foreign hitter, and only outcounts are credited to the opposing team on the day he participates. It is like general manager Son Hyuk cutting off the arms and legs of coach Subero by ruining the selection of foreign players. The sluggishness of the two players is not only a bad thing in itself, but it is the worst in terms of putting a burden on the team.

What is more serious is that General Manager Son Hyuk was the one who strongly pushed for the recruitment of the two players despite concerns before the season. Even before going to Korea, Smith was pointed out for his injury history and lack of work, and in the case of O’Grady, there were concerns about failure. It was General Manager Son Hyuk who actively objected to this on various social media channels, but in the end, the result was as concerned.

Hanwha Eagles foreign hitter Brian O’Grady. Photo┃Newsis

Smith received a total of 1 million dollars (approximately 1.3 billion Korean currency), O’Gredi paid 900,000 dollars (approximately 1.2 billion Korean currency), and Ricardo Sanchez, who came as a replacement pitcher, received 400,000 dollars (approximately 500 million Korean currency). Replacing O’Grady for 3 billion already costs more money. Is that all? Director Choi Won-ho, who signed a 3-year, 1.4 billion won contract with the undisclosed coach Subero and the remaining salaries of the coaching staff, has an annual salary of about 400 million won. In summary, a huge amount of money went into +α on the basis of 3 billion. This was the result of the failure of General Manager Hyuk Son and the front desk. No, it is the cost that has evaporated.

Hanwha, who signed a three-year contract and asked coach Subero to rebuild, now cites his inability to play winning baseball as the reason for coach Subero’s resignation. Hanwha legend Kim Tae-gyun said in the past club documentary ‘Clubhouse’, “I think there is a problem with the front desk of the club. I wondered why the club (front desk) did not have a manual compared to other good clubs.” He talked about rebuilding, but he was fired because he couldn’t get good grades. Apart from Subero’s ability, Kim Tae-gyun’s words are still valid.

Kim Tae-gyun (right), who criticized the front desk without a manual in the past. The situation is still valid. Photo┃Watcha’s Hanwha Eagles documentary ‘Clubhouse’ capture

It seems that this hardship did not receive the full support of the players. In addition, players such as Kim Seo-hyun and Kang Jae-min wrote letters expressing gratitude after coach Subero’s resignation, expressing regret at the passing of their gifts.

Through a report, some Hanwha fans said, “The KBO professional baseball team, Hanwha, is a fan who longs for a rebound after the rebuilding. Despite the voice, the Hanwha Eagles are continuing their complacent management in areas such as hiring managers and coaches and recruiting players.” Fans do not stop at simply reporting, but are planning specific actions.

We can answer “OK” to Director Subero’s dismissal. However, are there really no responsibilities between General Manager Hyuk Son and the front desk? Aren’t you responsible for tying Subero’s arms and legs even after spending a lot more than the basic 3 billion? Director Choi Won-ho, the leader who studies, may succeed or fail, but apart from that, the negligence of general manager Son Hyuk and the front desk is not covered. Why hide without taking responsibility? It’s hard to understand.

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