173cm short, 140km fastball… But why is McCarty throwing so well?

Unconditionally bigger, higher, faster. Kirk McCarty, a foreign pitcher for SSG Landers, is a player who reverses the recent KBO league pitching trend.

According to McCarty’s profile, 먹튀검증he stands at 1m73 and weighs 83kg. In fact, even if you look closely, he is small and dwarfed unlike foreign pitchers who have recently entered the KBO league. He’s not even fast-paced. His fastball average speed is in the early 140km range, and the highest speed stays at 147-148km. Most of them are in the 130 km range for the speed of the breaking ball. If you are a recent foreign pitcher, you can see that he has a profile that is at the opposite point of the tendency to prefer fastball pitchers with a speed of 150 km or more.

However, McCarty has recently recorded performances comparable to the best foreign pitchers in the league, such as Eric Peddy (NC), Adam Plutko (LG), and Eric Yokishi (Kiwoom). On the 2nd, his first appearance after the opening, against the KIA Tigers, he gave up 8 runs in 3⅓ innings, 10 hits (1 home run), 1 strikeout, 3 walks, and the aftermath of the shock (?) remains, so his ERA is still 3.09, but after that day he The results of the three games thrown are overwhelming. He gave up 2 runs in a total of 20 innings (visa book). His most recent appearance, against Incheon Kiwoom Heroes on the 22nd, was 7 innings, 4 hits (1 home run), 6 strikeouts, 1 walk, 2 runs (visa book), and the streak of no runs came to an end.

However, on this day as well, he is on a streak of 20 consecutive innings without an earned run, except for a two-run home run after the fielder’s catch error.

Foreign pitchers who have recently achieved good results, such as Plutko, Peddy, and Yokishi, are all over 1m90 tall and have strong physiques. The fastball is a bonus. As such, pitchers who are tall, have high ball placement points, and have a large body and fast balls are the type preferred by clubs these days. McCarty is clearly short and small for a pitcher. But SSG had confidence that McCarty, who did not stand out in terms of physicality, could succeed.

Even when McCarty didn’t deliver impressive results in exhibition games, manager Kim Won-hyung said he was “a pitcher with strengths.” Manager Kim said, “He seemed like a pitcher who could work even if he threw a fastball in the mid-140km range. His main weapons are cutter, slider, and curveball, and his changeup thrown to right-handed hitters is also effective. Pitchers like McCarty have top-notch performances in the major leagues because their velocity is not overwhelming. It can be difficult to bet, but as a pitcher with good pitches, I think he is competitive enough in the KBO League even if his velocity is relatively less fast.”

Unlike the major league environment, where it is difficult to survive if it does not exceed 150 km, in the KBO League, it was judged that there is a good chance of winning if the ball is equipped with top priority. As much as that, McCarty is adapting with a sense of stability with calm pitching.

The attitude of the team is also good. From the first day of camp, McCarty has been building enough body to go into action right away. He is also impressive with his bright and cheerful personality. McCarty, who showed a warm appearance with his entire family at the Florida camp, is currently living in Korea with his wife and young daughter. Adapting to unfamiliar life in Korea with his family is also a great strength for him.

McCarty said, “Good colleagues, coaching staff, and interpreters teach me a lot about Korean baseball, Korean culture, and human relationships. I want to learn better and show a better performance in the KBO League.” , Thank you so much for wishing me success. It’s the first time I’ve had such a warm experience, and my family and I are moved by the fans every day.”

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