‘138 runs’ Milwaukee main center’s tip, “Too many things are wrong”

Lopez shared her thoughts.

The Milwaukee Bucks lost 109-138 in a match against the Charlotte Hornets in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Milwaukee Fiserv Forum on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time).

Even before the game, it was expected that the match between the two teams would be easily decided. Milwaukee is a strong team representing the league, and Charlotte was 14th in the East. Also, Milwaukee’s victory was expected as it was the home of Milwaukee. But when I opened the lid, Charlotte won easily.

Milwaukee gave the flow to the opponent from the first quarter. In the offense, she scored 28 points, led by Grace Allen. However, he gave 51 points to his opponent. Charlotte’s 2-point shooting percentage was 69% (20/29). The 3-point shot success rate was also 50% (7/14), showing an accurate shooting feel.

Milwaukee, which gave the flow once, continued to be pushed back. I tried to chase until the end, but the score difference was too big and the game was decided early.

The score was good at 109 points. The free throw success rate was disappointing at 62%, but the field goal success rate was 44%. But the defense completely collapsed. He allowed 20 3-pointers. He also made 16 mistakes. They gave up 39 points to Terry Rozier and 24 points to Lamelo Ball.

Brooke Lopez (216cm, C), whom I met after the game, also picked the defense as a loss. “We failed defensively,” Lopez said. You allowed too many offensive rebounds to your opponent. The opponent’s offensive rebound was linked to a goal. The opponent attacked quickly and we couldn’t counter it.”

“In fact, there are many more that are wrong. What I said earlier are just a few of the losers. Too many things are wrong,” she expressed regret.스포츠토토

Milwaukee’s winning streak ended with a loss on the day. The ranking also fell to 3rd in the East. Milwaukee’s next opponent is the New York Knicks, who are on a four-game winning streak. Attention is focusing on whether Milwaukee, which had the worst game, can successfully change the atmosphere by defeating New York, which is on the rise.