10 years is a long time… A reassuring and heartwarming cut from the Twins

It was last weekend. The Twins went on a business trip to Daegu. It happened on the first day (12th) of the three-game series. The dugout is noisy before the game. Two newcomers gathered. He is immobile in front of his seniors. What time is it now? It’s an unusual sign.

but it’s a misunderstanding먹튀검증 Don’t judge by appearances. In fact, the one who was grouped (?) is the senior. It’s a prank by juniors. At some point, a camera appears. It is the content uploaded by the YouTube channel LGTWINSTV, ‘Breathtaking Key Confrontation’.

The accomplices in the plot are Jung Woo-young (23) and Lee Jae-won (23). All in all, they are 193cm and 192cm tall. The two people who were gathered are Moon Seong-joo (25) and Park Myung-geun (19). Who is bigger, for scientific verification. “To make a YouTube angle, again.” Jung Woo-young looks at the camera and announces the play ball.

each turn back hit the back of his head dead end. fierce ‘*** How tall are you?’ Don’t think of premature proverbs. The parties are displeased. Anyway, the screening of the judges who have gathered is difficult. “Sung Joo-hyung, your legs are folded.” Jung Woo-young issues a warning about cheating.

Kim Ki-yeon “But I think Myeong-geun’s shoulders are higher.”

Yunsik Kim “The legs are a bit longer than Sungjoo’s.”

After fierce debate, superiority and inferiority were overshadowed. Moon Seong-joo wins by decision. It turned out to be 1 cm taller. (The profile says both are 174 cm.) The winner’s shoulders are raised. Exhaust the losers. Looking at the camera, I take out the resentment I have been storing. “Ah, I’m 172cm, but the fans keep saying I’m in the mid to late 160cm… .” It must have been very unfortunate.

Youtube Channel LGTWINSTV

Winner Takes All. The winner takes everything. But not today. It’s about losers.

It’s two days after the ‘Breathtaking Height Confrontation’. So, it is against the Lions (Daegu) on the 14th. The inferiority of 1-5 in the beginning was overturned. Score 6-5. It’s the 7th ‘suffocating’ one by one.

the feeling comes This is where the game ends. First of all, the visiting team batting order is not easy. 2 to 4 leads. If you can’t get past this, you’ll be in trouble. Fortunately, the selection (Adam Plutko) has already reached its limit. Now it’s Pil Seung-jo’s turn.

The bullpen door opens. Someone runs boldly. It is a regrettable loser in a suffocating confrontation. only 19 years old. It is a sidearm with a profile height of 174 cm. Kang Han-wool in 2nd and Jose Pirella in 3rd are both grounded to second base. And he faces Ja-wook Koo.

He is the best left-handed hitter in the KBO League. The so-called flank pitcher is not at a level to compete casually. At least that’s common sense. However, the home team’s expectations collapse in vain. It collapses helplessly with two fastballs (148km). Swing wrong, strike out. 7 is erased. The weight of victory has tilted.

As you know, Park Myung-geun is a star produced by ‘The Strongest Baseball’. At the time of appearance, everyone was already surprised. Lightning arm swing, explosive release. It is difficult to get timing for hitters who leg kick (hit with one leg raised). The same goes for Ja-wook Koo. ‘What is this?’ After the last miss, that expression is evident.


The beginning of the opening of Yeomgalyang was not easy. Despite decent odds, it was met with public backlash. This is due to problems such as frequent operational failures and injuries to key players.

On the other hand, there are some notable achievements. The most obvious is the excavation of Park Myeong-geun. This was before Heroes (10th). The 19-year-old pitcher faced Lee Jung-hoo (center fielder fly). And now we present a new vision.

“I would have grown to the next level by overcoming Lee Jung-hoo. Now I have to run for the Rookie of the Year. It’s his goal, and at the same time, it’s my goal as a manager. I thought that from the start of the season.” (Yeom Gyeong-yeop)

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