‘0:6 → 8:6 come-from-behind’ Samsung…’Park Jin-man’s first win’.

In professional baseball, Samsung overturned a six-point gap against NC and won a remarkable victory.

He presented coach Park Jin-man with his first win in his debut.

Samsung was dragged 6-0 with starter Suarez beaten.

After catching up one by one, at the end of the 5th inning Kang Min-ho’s five-point home run balanced the score and NC Gu Chang-mo was also beaten.

In the 6th inning crisis, Samsung took advantage 안전놀이터of NC’s disappointing defense and succeeded in reversing, and Kim Ji-chan drove a wedge by showing exquisite base run play that penetrated from 1st base to home when Koo Ja-wook hit at the right time.

Catcher Kang Min-ho caught NC Park Min-woo’s home steal, followed by Oh Seung-hwan’s save, and Samsung achieved a remarkable victory and presented coach Park Jin-man with his first win.

[Kang Min-ho/Samsung]
“When I was young, I thought a lot about hitting long shots… but now I’m focusing on defense.”

Kiwoom won two days in a row.

They had a slugfest with Hanwha until the middle, and lost as they gave up three runs in the 8th inning.

However, after catching up with Lee Yong-gyu’s triple at the end of the 8th inning, Kim Hye-sung hit a tie-breaking double, turning the game back to square one.

And in the bottom of the ninth inning, he scored the winning run with a push walk, and took the third win in KBO history to end both opening games.

KIA scored 6 runs on 6 hits in 4 innings and posted their first win in a come-from-behind victory over SSG.

However, in the process, Kim Do-young, who was rushing into the home, suffered an instep fracture and was in an emergency.


Lotte defeated Doosan 2-0 with Han Dong-hee’s 2 RBI double in the final, and LG defeated kt after an extended match.

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